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Sand Bags

Ten pound sand bag with convenient carrying handle. Bags are used to hold carpet on tack strip and seal carpet around heat exchanger. Can also be used to d... AT64 - (more info)

Vaportek SCS Disks

Vaportek Simple Clip System (SCS) Disks Three-inch fiber disk infused with powerful 3X Industrial oil. *Clip sold separately. AR41C... AR41 - (more info)

Vaportek SCS Clip A31409

Vaportek Simple Clip System (SCS) Clip *Disks sold separately. AR41... AR41C - (more info)

Snout Adapter 1643-0201

The new Snout Adapter is now available for the TES and E-TES High Speed Structural Drying Systems. The Snout Adaptor allows you to fine tune your focused ... AT106 - (more info)

Surface Temperature Sensor

Surface Temperature Sensor Turns heat on and off to maintain optimal drying temperature.... AT200 - (more info)

Air Temperature Sensor 1686-0417

Air Temperature Sensor Control ambient air temperature to prevent overheating and wasted energy.... AT202 - (more info)

Sensor Extension Cord 1658-2948

Sensor Probe Extension Cord 10' Cord with plugs.... AT204 - (more info)

Smart-dry Package A98624

Smart Package Sensor Kit Kit contains: 1 - PGE5060 Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly 1 - AT200 Surface Temperature Sensor 1 - AT202 Air Temperature ... AT210 - (more info)

Pad Pin 1645-2726

Pad Pin used to secure pad to carpet around heat exchanger for air seal and improved float.... AT58 - (more info)

Foam Wedges

Foam blocks used to fill gaps around windows when venting moisture with the lay flat ducting, or between floor and carpet at the sides of heat exchangers f... AT66 - (more info)

GFCI Power Cord - 10/3 x 50'

E-TES GFCI Power Cord - 10/3 x 50' Standard Equipment included with the E-TES SD 240V... NM4402 - (more info)

Extension Power Cord - 10/3 x 50\' - 3 Prong, 30 Amp

Extension Power Cord 10/3 x 50' - 3 Prong, 30 Amp... NM4403 - (more info)

Adapter Cord - 3 Prong Range, 50 Amp

Adapter Cord 3 Prong Range Plug, 50 Amp... NM4420 - (more info)

Adapter Cord - 4 Prong Dryer, 50 Amp

Adapter Cord 4 Prong Dryer Plug, 50 Amp... NM4422 - (more info)

Adapter Cord - 4 Prong Range, 50 Amp 1619-1025

Adapter Cord 4 Prong Range Plug, 50 Amp... NM4424 - (more info)

Protimeter Heavy Duty Moisture Probes A26568

Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly Penetrating probes that measures WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) Percent.... PGE5060 - (more info)