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Vacuum System - CDS 4.6

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Filter Bag - Short and Narrow

For truckmount and portable waste tanks. Protect your vacuum motors and blowers- Keep lint and large debris out of the waste tank. These bags come with pla... PHY049-030 - (more info)

Waste Tank Shutoff Float Switch 1604-2222

Waste Tank Shutoff Float Switch Float Switches are a small float that hangs down in your waste tank. As the water level changes pump float switches begin ... PP61-950621 - (more info)

Filter - Recovery Tank 3" MPT

Hydramaster: Boxxer 427, CDS 4.5, CDS 4.6, CDS 4.7, Hydracat 4.5, Maxx 450D and Maxx 470D Bridgepoint: Javelin... PHY049-013 - (more info)

Plug Vacuum Inlet Stopper Assembly - Hydramaster 1616-2822

Assembly includes stopper, cable w/sleeve and screw.... PHY078-039 - (more info)

Vac Blower Tuthill 4005x 1680-0171

Used on: Hydramaster - Boxxer 421 and CDS 4.6 & Maxx 450D units manufactured since November 2001.... PHY111-145 - (more info)

Gasket Recovery Tank - Sold Per Foot 1648-2832

Sold per foot - Durable PVC trim with inner metal clip for a strong grip. Gasket is placed on top edge of recovery tank to seal against lid. Used on older ... PHY131-028 - (more info)