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Control Panel - CDS 4.6

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Pressure Gauge 1500 PSI 1657-2810

Water Pressure Gauge value priced replacement. 1500 PSI, white... PHY074-007 - (more info)

Brass Barb 1/4" X 1/8" MPT

Brass Barb 1/4" X 1/8" MPT... BR010 - (more info)


Hydramaster 20 Amp Circuit Breaker... PHY018-005 - (more info)

Pressure Gauge 1000PSI

Water Pressure Gauge - 1000 PSI... PHY074-003 - (more info)

VDO Tachometer

VDO Tachometer Gauge... PHY074-004 - (more info)

Temperature Gauge - Hydramaster 1603-1217

Used with temperature sensor PHY149-039.... PHY074-016 - (more info)

Chemical Flow Meter with Knob -Modified

Sides of flow meter shaved to allow meter to be set into slot on control panel for mounting.... PHY074-020 - (more info)

Light Red Pilot - Round Older Hydramaster Units 1695-1131

Round, Red Pilot Light Used on older Hydramaster units.... PHY084-006 - (more info)


10-24 Stainless Steel Nylock Hex Nut... PHY094-034 - (more info)

Switch Rocker 12V DC Lighted 1666-0476

12V DC lighted rocker switch Color: black... PHY157-007 - (more info)

3-way Valve 1/8" 1664-0498

1/8" FPT 3-Way Chemical Select Valve... PHY169-017 - (more info)

Valve Anti Siphon 1/4" Ss 1671-1006

Stainless Steel Anti-Siphon Valve - 1/4"... PHY169-062 - (more info)

Chemical Metering Valve 1/8" FPT

Chemical Metering Valve - 1/8" FPT... PP15-808028 - (more info)