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Electrical System - HydraMaster 421

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Waste Tank Shutoff Float Switch 1604-2222

Waste Tank Shutoff Float Switch Float Switches are a small float that hangs down in your waste tank. As the water level changes pump float switches begin ... PP61-950621 - (more info)

Fuse 50 Amp Hydramaster Truckmounts 1618-2329

Main power fuse on Hydramaster Maxx 450D, Maxx 470 & CTS 450. Charging system fuse on Hydramaster Boxxer 421 & 427 with 50amp charging systems.... PHY018-040 - (more info)


Sidemount Reed Float Switch with Bulkhead Fitting... PHY157-031 - (more info)

Solenoid Charging Switch 50 Amp Systems 1687-1422

SOLENOID CHARGING SWITCH - 50AMP SYSTEMS (BOXXER 421 & 427)... PHY157-037 - (more info)

Switch Rocker 20amp Maxx/javelin/boxxer 1671-0699

SPST 20 Amp Rocker Switch for Maxx, Javelin and Boxxer. Single Pole, Single Throw... PHY157-040 - (more info)

Solenoid Valve - Vacuum 1690-0298

Used on: Hydramaster - Boxxer 421, Boxxer 427, Maxx 450D, Maxx 470D, Maxx 550 and all CDS units. Bridgepoint - Javelin. Vent Plug - PHY106-014 Barb 1/8" x ... PHY169-070 - (more info)

Solenoid Valve -HydraMaster

Hot water dump solenoid on Hydramaster Boxxer 421, Maxx 450D, Maxx 470D, Maxx 550 & Bridgepoint Javelin. Repair parts: Kit Solenoid repair - PDE41-31... PHY169-082 - (more info)