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Pressure Switch 60 Psi Flojet Ap33 1679-2032

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP33 60 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-100 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 40psi Flojet AP34 1656-0688

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP34 40 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-118 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 100 PSI Flojet AP25 1670-2134

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP25 100 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-120 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 50 Psi (ap20) 1671-2135

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP20 50 PSI Pumps.... PF02095-100 - (more info)


Pressure Switch for Flojet AP22 and AP24 100 PSI Pumps.... PF02095-115 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 120 PSI 1677-1937

Chem Dry pressure switch - 120 PSI... PHY157-150 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 100PSI Shurflo 1633-2227

Pressure Switch for Shurflo AP10 100 PSI Pump... PSH94-375-15 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 150PSI Shurflo AP12 1682-0072

150 PSI Pressure Switch for Shurflo AP12 Pumps.... PSH94-375-20 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 50PSI Shurflo - Ap08 1668-1025

Pressure Switch for Shurflo AP08 50 PSI Pumps.... PSH9423035 - (more info)