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Flojet Pump 100 PSI Demand Flow 1669-2939

100 PSI Demand flow 2.0 gpm with 115 VAC motor - 1.0 amp - EPDMChemical resistant diaphragm pump Carpet and upholstery extractors - Olympus M100 & M100... AP25 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 55PSI Internal By-pass 1633-0197

Flojet model ET508224-HP - 55psi 0.40gpm open flow, 115VAC, Viton elastomers, 1/8" NPT Female ports - chemical resistant pump for spotting machines.... AP30 - (more info)

Flojet Self-Priming Pump 1680-0373

Replacement pump for AP36 Water Pressure Pumping System: 40 psi, 4.5 gpm maximum flow 12VDC, 12amps max, Demand switch EPDM valves Santoprene diaphr... AP34 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 60psi Demand Flow 1665-2935

Flojet model 2100-032 - 60psi 1.8gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 0.55amp, Demand switch, Santoprene valves, Santoprene diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Chemical... AP20 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 50 PSI Internal By-pass 1674-3938

50 PSI Internal By-Pass - 1.4 GPM12 VDC MotorViton Diaphragm & Check Valves Valve Chamber: PF20914-002AUpper Housing: PFDH31V131Cam & Diaphragm Ki... AP21 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 100psi Demand Flow 1666-2936

Flojet model 2130-032 - 95psi 1.8gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 1.2amp, Demand switch, EPDM valves, EPDM diaphragm, 1/4" NPT Female ports - chemical resistant pu... AP22 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 30psi Demand Flow 1667-2937

30 PSI Demand Flow - 1.2 GPM115 VAC motor - 0.5 AmpEPDM - Chemical Resistant DiaphragmDemand Switch: PF02090-117Valve Chamber: PF20914-003AUpper Housing: P... AP23 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 100psi Demand/by-pass 1668-2938

Flojet model 2130-517 - 95psi 1.6gpm maximum flow, 115VAC 1.20amp, Demand switch with limited internal bypass, EPDM valves, EPDM diaphragm, 1/4" NPT Female... AP24 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 45PSI Demand Flow 1675-1125

FLOJET 4300 Fresh Water Transfer Pump -- 12VDC Switched Pump Specifications: Flojet Model 4300-142 45psi 3.5gpm maximum flow 12VDC 12amps Demand s... AP26 - (more info)

Pump Floject 220v For Electric Sprayers 220v 1671-2034

Flojet model D3732V1311 - 45psi 1.5gpm maximum flow, 230VAC, Internal bypass, Viton valves, Viton diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Highly chemical & ... AP29 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 50 PSI Demand Flow 1673-2036

Flojet model D3131V5011 - 50psi 1.6gpm maximum flow - 12VDC, Demand switch, Viton valves, Viton diaphragm, 3/8" NPT Female ports - Highly chemical & so... AP33 - (more info)

Flojet Pump 150psi Demand Flow 1674-2037

Flojet 150 PSI Pump 115 VAC 1.0 Amps 1.4 GPM A great upgrade for any 100 psi portable machine.... AP35 - (more info)

Flojet Fresh H2O Booster 1664-0690

Fresh Water Booster System - This unit is used to transfer water from a fresh water tank to any machine. The bladder collapses under the pump pressure and ... AP36 - (more info)

Head Pump 50psi Bypass - Ap28 Flojet 1627-2142

Flojet Pump Head for AP28 50psi Bypass Pump.... NM3033 - (more info)

Kit Diaphragm Viton - Ap28 Flojet 1641-3268

Viton Diaphragm Kit for AP28 Flojet Pumps.... NM3036 - (more info)

Pressure Switch 60 Psi Flojet Ap33 1679-2032

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP33 60 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-100 - (more info)

Switch Pressure 40psi Flojet AP34 1656-0688

Pressure Switch for Flojet AP34 40 PSI Pumps.... PF02090-118 - (more info)