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Stainless Steel Grout Brush 1662-2971

Stainless Steel Grout Brush: Our most aggressive grout brush yet! Every once in a while a tool comes along that makes your job so much easier you wonder h... AB113 - (more info)

Dirty Grout Demon Brush 1600-2519

The world's meanest and longest lasting grout brushes are here! Featuring DUPONT Tynex® Bristles Tired of grout brushes that wear out too fast, or do... AB112 - (more info)

Premium Grout Brush with Handle 1678-4961
9 inch

Chiseled Grout Brush with Handle This durable, acid resistant nylon tile brush with included handle is the perfect solution for getting stubborn grease ou... AB35A - (more info)

Premium Grout Brush A57425
9 inch

Premium Grout Brush This new premium grout brush has stiffer bristles in a tapered configuration that allows you to brush hard into the smallest crevices ... AB35 - (more info)

Wood Brush Handle - 60 in.

Wood Handle for the AB18 Nap Brush or the AB36 Blue Grout Brush.... AB18H - (more info)

Grout Brush - Head Only

Add extra agitation, when necessary, to grout lines from a standing position. The unique pivoting head lets the brush glide along grout lines, in corners a... AB36 - (more info)

Grime Reaper Upholstery Brush 1670-2045

Grime Reaper -- Most Durable Upholstery Brush Ever Made! The Grime Reaper is the ultimate upholstery brush. The Grime Reaper's bristles generate an electr... AB109 - (more info)

Ezee Grip Pole With Handle 1644-0784

EZEE Grip -- NO MORE BLISTERS FROM USING A MOP, BROOM OR FLOOR BRUSH Introducing the EZEE GRIP telescopic pole with handle. The 33" collapsible pole exten... AB110 - (more info)

Mini Shark 1669-2941
Grout Brush

Mini Shark Grout Brush: Take a Bite out of Grime If you're looking for a handheld grout brush that will tear into dirt, then we have got the tool for you.... AB111 - (more info)

Viper Venom Tile and Grout Cleaner A70618
Tile & Grout Cleaner

If you prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified chemical to deal with heavy soil on hard surfaces, you want Viper Venom. The original tile and grout clea... CR22GL - (more info)

Viper Renew
Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner

Use Viper Renew when all other cleaners have failed. It works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile and stone that have... CH49GL - (more info)

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item

Injectimate 1690-0490

Injectimate Use the Injectimate wherever sub-surface injection of chemicals is needed.  It will replace the carpet syringe, as it can be used in urin... AC13 - (more info)

Grout Wand

New and Improved The design of the sonic welding on the Grout Wand has been improved to make the "Action Head" more durable. New solvent resistant "O" rin... AR57 - (more info)

Viper Peroxibright CTG
Tile & Grout Cleaner and Brightener

Peroxide Activated Concrete, Tile & Grout Cleaner and Brightener Cleans and brightens even the grungiest concrete, tile or grout, floor, fixture or wa... CH41GL - (more info)

Viper Venom 1613-0890
Tile & Grout Cleaner

If you prefer a high alkaline, solvent fortified chemical to deal with heavy soil on hard want Viper Venom! The original tile and grout cle... CR22PL - (more info)

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item

Viper Venom Powder With Citrus - 6 Lbs 1680-2225
Tile & Grout Cleaner

Viper Venom Powder with Citrus is a heavy duty tile & grout prespray designed for use with all types of pump or electric sprayers. Best results are obt... CR23A - (more info)

Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit

Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit The Injectimate Grout Sealing Kit takes application of water based grout sealers to the next level.  This kit, when use... AC13A - (more info)

Hydro-Force SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool 1603-1801

  Hydro-Force™ SX-15™ Hard Surface Cleaning Tool BUILT FOR SPEED   Leave the competition behind! Make quick work out of any job w... AW105 - (more info)

Viper Premium Grout & Stone Sealer

Cleaning and Sealing is Like a Hamburger with Fries! Your customers absolutely want you to seal stone, tile and grout floors after you clean them.  It... CH06QT - (more info)

Viper 2
Extra Strength Acid Cleaner

Use Viper 2 for man-made ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. It takes care of the mineral scale, soap scum and imbedded stains often found on restroom and ... CH42GL - (more info)

*HAZMAT, ORM-D, or Limited Quantity Item