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Water Claw Flood Tool With Injectors 1642-3636
Water Claw with Flushing Action

Water Claw Flood Extractor - with Injectors The Water Claw tool introduced water damage restoration professionals to a tool specially designed to extract ... AC016INJ - (more info)

Wagner 705 Power Steamer

Wagner 705 Power Steamer Great for small spotting jobs! The Wagner Steamer is ideal for getting out those difficult to remove red stains, where nothing e... AC210 - (more info)

Flash Spotter Spotting Extraction Tool

Leaves Up to 35% Less Water Behind Than Competitive Tools   If you are looking for a way to effectively remove more spots and stains and eliminate s... AC004 - (more info)

Spot Lifter

A Spotting Revolution Has Begun! If the problem is in the carpet backing or the pad, then the solution is the Water Claw Sub-Surface Spot Lifter. Flush ou... AC012 - (more info)

Olympus Power X Pro Spot Machine

PowerX Pro Spotter An Excellent Tool for the Spotting Pro! Fantastic for spotting calls or quick touch ups, the PowerX Pro Spotter extractor lets you lea... MA51 - (more info)

Olympus Power X Pro Spot Machine - With Heater 1662-4660

PowerX Pro Spotter - with heater An Excellent Tool for the Spotting Pro, the PowerX Pro Spotter comes with a 600 watt electric heater to heat the cleaning... MA51H - (more info)

Vapor Cleaning Machine 1602-1127

The Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine is the commercial steamer for chemical-free, mess-free cleaning. Use it in commercial kitchens, supermarkets, or any... MB07 - (more info)

Nozzle MB07 Detail 1-Hole

Nozzle for HydroForce Vapor Cleaning Machine. MB07... AN01 - (more info)

Nozzle MB07 Detail 3-Hole

Nozzle for HydroForce Vapor Cleaning Machine  MB07... AN02 - (more info)

Bracket MB07 Floor Brush

Floor brush for HydroForce Vapor Cleaning Machine (MB07).... AN04 - (more info)