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Vibrant Carpet Extraction Detergent
High Powdered High Alkaline

Vibrant combines the boosted cleaning power of high pH extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. Vibrant is a clear liquid that is inst... CC506GL - (more info)

Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse
Acid Extraction Rinse

Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse is a concentrated neutralizing agent used in the final extraction and rinse of the extraction cleaning process for carpet an... CC508GL - (more info)

Select Pro Carpet Extraction Detergent
Alkaline Liquid Carpet

SelectProCarpet Extraction Detergent combines the cleaning power of extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. It is very aggressive on al... CC507GL - (more info)

Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse

Anti-Allergen All Fiber Rinse removes soils and any detergent residues, even from prior cleanings. Unlike many green cleaners, All Fiber Rinse is alkaline ... CG56GL - (more info)

Grungegone Powdered Extraction Rinse

Grungegone Powdered Extraction Rinse uses proven surfactants and builders that effectively emulsify and suspend even the most difficult soils.   HIG... 1699-5348 - (more info)