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Microfiber Towel - White

Microfiber Cloth White 16" x 16" This white microfiber towel is a "super absorber" of dirt and oil. Why white? White allows you to see the soil that is... 13230 - (more info)

Dry Cleaning Sponge 1678-1902
Individually Wrapped

Dry Cleaning Sponges Also known as "chemical sponges," these natural rubber sponges are designed to remove soot from fires in a dry state.  The tiny ... AX26 - (more info)

Microfiber Mop Cover

Microfiber Mop Cover Use to apply Hydro-Force Wood Finish to hardwood floors. this lint free apllicator makes applying finish almost foolproof.... 13232 - (more info)

Spotting Towels 1665-2846

Terry Towels -- Dispenser Box of 28 These large 100% cotton terry towels measure 16" by 19" and are perfect for spotting. White towels allow you to visual... AU18 - (more info)

Hydra Sponge

The first and only synthetic sponge built to perform like a natural sponge. The Hydra Sponge holds extra water, creates a rich foam, is extremely durable, ... AU28 - (more info)

General Purpose Sponge

These general use sponges are great for applying all creams, finishes, colors and some spotters. Approximately 2" 2" 5 ". CLEANING ACCESSORY... AU29 - (more info)

Terry Cloth Mop Cover

Terry Cloth Cover for Wood Finish Applicator AX145.... AX146 - (more info)

Microfiber Glass Cloth

Microfiber Glass Cloth The Fine Linen of Microfiber 16" x 16" This cloth is sure to be a favorite in your cleaning kit. The mini waffle design and the fine... 13228 - (more info)

Natural Ocean Sponge

Nothing beats the natural ocean sponge when gentle agitation is required for cleaning delicate fabrics. CARPET CLEANING TOOLS : UPHOLSTERY CLEANING TOOLS... AU30 - (more info)