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Drum Pump

Self Priming Nickel Plated Drum Pump For Use On 15, 30 and 55 Gallon Drums Tired of lifting and spilling contents of pails or using a siphon or a drum? R... A57622 - (more info)

Nylon Mesh Hose Bag

Nylon Mesh Hose Bag Hose carrying bag with shoulder strap. Stop tearing out your fingernails using old hose bags to lug your gear! The new Hydro-Force ... AX200 - (more info)

Faucet To Hose Adapter

Faucet Adapter Kit Now you can guarantee a connection to almost any faucet for clean water supply.  This simple, small adapter will fit 90% of existi... AX22 - (more info)

Universal Faucet Adapter Kit

FAUCET ADAPTER Don't get stuck without access to water. This Faucet Adapter Set gives you everything you need to guarantee a connection to almost any fauc... AX21 - (more info)

Blank White 12 oz. Bottle with Flip-Top Lid

A 12 oz. white plastic bottle with a flip-top lid. Great for customer retention programs when personalized with your own label, or for your own everyday u... AS26 - (more info)


Lawn-Pik™ Yard Sticks Burnt lawn = lost customer Look no further than your customer's burnt lawn if you're wondering why you're not getting referra... AX193 - (more info)

pH Indicator Test Tape

This special tape will change color and indicate pH of any water-based solution. Use for indicating pH of spot on carpet by wetting and quickly pressing ta... AX20 - (more info)

4-Way Faucet Key

Any pro who does commercial work should have a 4-way faucet key in the van. It gives you instant access to the building's fresh water supply even when ther... AX51 - (more info)


The HydroForce Towel ClipKeep your spotting towel handy and keep your pants dry!  This powerful clip attaches to your belt loop and holds your towel s... AX87 - (more info)

RugSnap Rug Pit Floor Mat 12" x 12"

RugSnap Rug Pit Floor Mat12" x 12"The RugSnap floor mat is the perfect base for those cleaning rugs in wash pits, or needing a backing that allows dust to ... AC310 - (more info)

Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag

USES: For Nubuck LeathersFEATURES/BENEFITS: These amazing cloths allow for easy cleaning of most soiling on Nubuck leathers. They also will remove dark an... ALM01 - (more info)

Extension Cord - 25'

Non-scuff black 12 gauge, super capacity Meets OSHA requirements 15 amps, 125 volts, 1875 watts 3 conductor gounded Safe for outdoor use ... AX32 - (more info)

Extension Cord - 50'

Non-scuff black 12 gauge, super capacity Meets OSHA requirements 15 amps, 125 volts, 1875 watts 3 conductor grounded Safe for outdoor use ... AX33 - (more info)